TRADGuard Temporary Mesh Edge Protection

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The TRADGuard propreitary edge protection system is suitable for structural steel, concrete frame, timber, civils and pre-cast concrete stair applications - TRADGuard Mesh Barrier is a light, yet highly durable temporary edge protection system.

Its strength is not just its strength: it’s also highly versatile, offering a range of solutions for different construction types.

TRADGuard Mesh Barrier System:

  • fully complies with EN13374 Class A;
  • TRADGuard can be installed by any competent person;
  • is lightweight, yet highly durable;
  • has a quality powder-coated finish;
  • even gives you space-saving storage solutions.

Please do not tie or attach anything to any Edgeguard system, as doing this could produce a sail effect during high winds.

Download the brochure to find out more about TRADGuard here.