TRAD Lift Shaft Gate

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The TRAD Lift Shaft Gate provides the ultimate safety solution for arguably one of the most dangerous areas of any multi storey construction project – lift shafts. Fully tested and compliant to EN 13374 Class A, the TRAD Lift Shaft Gate provides edge protection and containment for the lift shaft opening. Its unique aluminium design, weighing just 40kg, means that the gate can be easily installed by just two operatives working within manual handling regulations. The gate boasts a double ‘stable gate’ so the top half of the gate can be opened independently from the bottom half, allowing access whilst still providing edge protection. Both the top and bottom gate can be locked with padlocks when access is not required providing total containment to the opening. The gate is designed to fit a standard 1.2m lift shaft opening, however, for larger lift shaft openings mesh panels can be fitted to the sides to increase coverage.