TRAD Edgeguard – Temporary

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Consider the benefits of our freestanding, counterweight, temporary edge protection system.

It conforms to all safety standards. It goes up easily and fast, with minimal components and tools required. It’s easy to work around.

It’s a cost-effective solution that does away with the need for expensive and intrusive ground level scaffolding - the perfect system to use in preparation for maintenance or refurbishment work on flat roofs.

Tried, tested and trusted by professionals, for use on all high level maintenance and roofing projects, TRAD Temporary Freestanding Edgeguard System:

  • meets EN13374 Class A;
  • requires no special training to put together, just competence and care;
  • requires no tools or mechanical fixings - avoids any fixing into the building structure;
  • can be used with Scaffold Tube;
  • has movable support legs to allow access to all of the edge;
  • comes with easily moved counterbalances for clear access;
  • accommodates any pitched roof up to 15 degrees;
  • has a durable galvanised finish.