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TRAD Safety Decking is an innovative, market leading fall prevention solution for traditional build projects, predominantly house building. The system vastly improves safety compared to traditional methods such as airbags and significantly quicker to erect and dismantle compared to a bird cage scaffold.

  • High Quality Fall Prevention Working Platform
  • Load Capacity of 2kn per m2
  • Various platform heights up to 3 metres available
  • Can be installed by 1 person and  comfortably erect 60m2 per hour
  • Three main components
  • Various panel sizes available
  • Improves your productivity
  • Installation service available
  • Hire or Sale product
  • Full competence training available for installers
  • Compliance: Testing independently carried out by Loughborough University
  • Roof non fragility test in accordance with ACR (M) 001:2000
  • BS EN 12811-1 Part 3 for structural integrity and safety factor for use as a General Purpose Working and Safety Platform


Complies with Working at Height Regulations

TRAD Safety Deck meets BS EN 12811-1 Part 3 (for structural integrity and safety factor, for use as a General Purpose Working and Safety Platform), and satisfies the Roof Non-Fragility test in accordance with ACR (M) 001:2000. With a load capacity of 2kn per m2, and with compliance independently tested by Loughborough University, you can rest assured your site not only meets, but also exceeds, Working at Height standards.


Unique versatility for individual project challenges

There are six panel sizes, so you can adapt TRAD Safety Deck for any project or room configuration. It also comes with an adjustable leg height up to three metres. Whatever the shape or size of the project, you can ensure every high work area has a fully covered, safe surface.


Easy to put up, and put away

With only three main components, TRAD Safety Deck is significantly quicker to erect and dismantle than, say, a bird-cage scaffold. You can have around 60 square meters covered in about an hour. It takes just one person to put it up or take it down – let us know if you want us to install it or if you’d like installation training. When not in use, it stores compactly, and bear in mind you can either buy or hire to suit your needs.


Clever and durable

A profiled non-slip surface helps workers keep a firm, confident footing. High visibility colours stress safety at all times. There’s no maintenance needed; it basically looks after itself. TRAD Safety Deck is predominantly designed for house build projects, but it's ideal for all trades, whatever the weather, whatever the time of year.


Installation by experts

Our national network of depots means we're never too far away to call and install TRAD Safety Deck on your site. To give you more independence over your build projects, we also offer full competence training for installers, backed up by our simple, clear downloadable installation guides.


Personal safety, productive performance

We all work better, faster and more productively when we have the confidence we’re working safely. Especially at height. By providing a work platform that’s second to no other fall-prevention solution, TRAD Safety Deck not only looks after your construction team's safety, it can also help them work more efficiently.