Safe Step

Improve safety on site - and your bottom line - and choose SafeStep.

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SafeStep is a simple scaffold system, which provides the safest method for installing high level stability bracing and ancillaries within cold roofs. This reusable metal cross bar provides the base for a safe working platform, while the longitudinal web bracing of the truss acts as the handrail. Designed for ease, SafeStep drastically reduces the risk of working at height and can be adapted to suit all cold roof projects. Plus, as the bars are reusable, they will save you money and don’t restrict access to the loft space.

The SafeStep system:

  • Can be installed by either carpenters or scaffolders
  • Meets British Standard BS 2037 Class 1
  • The safe working UDL load is 275kg
  • The recommended platform width is 1125mm and the maximum platform width is 1200mm
  • The maximum truss to truss span is 2400mm, based on using 63mm thick scaffold boards. Maximum 38mm thick scaffold boards span 1.2m.