NEW TRAD Edgeguard Permanent

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TRAD Safety Systems have further improved TRAD Edgeguard, our market-leading permanent roof edge protection system, so that it offers even greater cost-savings over its predecessor. Its extended post centres mean fewer components and quicker installation times, while its modular design ensures adaptability and ease-of-use. The system is now even more robust, enabling even greater loadings – making TRAD Edgeguard the ultimate in permanent roof edge protection.

Whenever people work on a roof, there is a need for Edgeguard. This cost-effective guardrail solution exceeds all Health & Safety regulations. It won’t damage your roof or architecture. A system that performs as good as it looks. Tough, easy to erect and virtually maintenance free, this is a long lasting safety solution that you can install and forget about.

How does it work? Edgeguard is a freestanding guardrail with an anti-slip rubber mat under the base to ensure there are no adverse effects on the roof surface. Its unique cantilevered design removes the need for unsightly counterbalance weights, with the added benefit of reducing trip hazards.


Improved features

Increased post centres mean cost savings as less posts are required. It is a fully modular system so no cutting on site so increased productive due to this and the greater post centres. Greater load capacity so much better for high wind locations.


Complies with working at height regulations 

  • EN13374:2013 sub- section (E) and designed to meet the layout requirements of ISO 14122-3:2016 sub-section (E-8).
  • All fittings fully TUV tested and approved
  • Reduced trip hazard
  • Anti-slip rubber mats for added protection



The modular design makes Edgeguard easy to fit and adapt. It's light and easy to erect, with just three main components.

  • Large range of fittings to suit situations
  • Compensates for changing roof level
  • Quick and easy to erect
  • Easy to adapt while on-site



It's not just for flat roofs - put the Edgeguard to work on fire escape routes or around hazardous plant machinery, roof lights or other places where access is required.

  • Cantilevered design means no counterbalance weights
  • Available in a choice of colours
  • Custom designed for your needs


Built to Last

There's a reason we call it Permanent Guardrail. Tested under extreme conditions, this system is incredibly tough, durable and abrasion-resistant. Once installed, it's virtually maintenance-free.

  • Fully galvanised BSEN ISO 1461, corrosion-resistant finish on all components
  • Can be coloured using our Powder Coating Permanent Plus Colour solution
  • Permanent, inexpensive solution to roof edge risks