TRAD Mobile Man Anchor

one worker, innovative protection

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In the absence of a guardrail – and if the project doesn't require an Edgeguard permanent solution – have a close look at the TRAD Mobile Man Anchor.

When used with the correct PPE equipment, our free-standing, mobile, weighted anchor system helps workers operate safely, confidently and productively on flat roof areas.

It’s quick and easy to set up, and – as an alternative to barrier or scaffolding – it’s ideal for all roof types, including single ply membrane, high performance mineral felt, asphalt, concrete, profile sheeting and loose stone chipping finish.

If you need a flexible, simple, cheap - but above all, secure - solution for jobs such as surveying, remedial and maintenance work, the Mobile Man Anchor is as safe as its name.

  • It’s tested & compliant to EN795:2003 Class E, and CE approved.
  • It takes one man’s weight - the attachment is to the central anchor point on the unit.
  • It takes one worker just a couple of minutes to assemble.
  • It adapts to flat or pitched roofs up to 15 degrees.
  • Each component part is within the current manual handling regulations.