Roof Safety & Access Systems

safety and access over and above the norm

The Health & Safety Executive and the construction industry look up to us, because we look up at a roof and think first about the safety of the people working on it.

With falls from height accounting for over half of serious on-site injuries, we take roof safety and access very seriously.

We never forget we have a responsibility to you, just as you have a responsibility to your workers and safety law. So let’s talk and make more working lives safer.

TRAD Permanent Edgeguard

TRAD Safety Systems have further improved TRAD Edgeguard, our market-leading permanent roof edge protection system, so that it offers even greater cost-savings over its predecessor.

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Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Our range of horizontal lifeline systems is designed not just for maximum safety, but also to help rather than hinder. Which makes a workplace not just safer, but also more productive.

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TRAD Edgeguard – Temporary

Consider the benefits of our freestanding, counterweight, temporary edge protection system.

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TRAD Walkway Systems

Our Walkway System gives workers the reassurance of safe, non-slip access to all roof works. It’s laid onto the roof surface, so the roof itself remains protected.

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TRAD Demarcation Barrier

Creating a highly visible, safe working zone, the TRAD demarcation barrier is a cost-effective, weather-resistant and maintenance-free solution, keeping workers away from fall hazards.

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TRAD Mobile Man Anchor

In the absence of a guardrail – and if the project doesn't require an Edgeguard permanent solution – have a close look at the TRAD Mobile Man Anchor.

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TRAD Roof Light Protection

Roof lights present an additional hazard for maintenance and inspection workers operating at height.

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