TRAD Catch Fan

A further solution to improve safety

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Throughout the construction process the TRAD Catch Fan will provide a reliable protection for personnel while safeguarding against falling objects. The TRAD Catch Fan is capable of providing a smart, effective containment solution for all high rise building projects, regardless of shape or size.

The TRAD Catch Fan has been specifically designed for containment of falling items and debris from multi-storey buildings during the construction process. The fan is designed to absorb the energy of falling objects, essentially catching them before they hit the ground; unlike a traditional scaffold board fan which is designed to deflect objects into the structure.

Each TRAD Catch Fan unit comprises of a 60mm x 60mm net designed to contain a maximum weight of 100kg through 7m with a 20mm x 20mm net overlay for the containment of smaller items. The TRAD Catch Fan cantilevers from the structure by 3.2m and comes in two lengths, 4m and 6m.

Complete with a range of attachments the TRAD Catch Fan can be connected directly to the structure whether it be a concrete frame or structural steel building; additionally, it can also be attached to a scaffold.

One of the main features of the TRAD Catch Fan is that it can be progressively moved up the building keeping protection as close as possible to the working area where protection may be required – unlike a traditional scaffold fan which is stationary and usually towards the bottom of the structure.

The TRAD Catch Fan is manufactured to meet all requirements of European Standard EN 1263-1. Full technical support and training is available.