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BS5395 : Part 1 : 1977 (1984)
Code of Practice for the design of straight stairs.

Design and construction of stairs in different materials for all types of building. Includes dimensional co-ordination, safety means of escape, lighting, durability, constructional aspects, protection and painting, maintenance and cleaning, with illustrations and bibliography.

Formerly BS5395 : 1977
AMD 3355, May 1980 (Gr 1): 00078746
AMD 4450, January 1984 (Gr 2): 00078758
PC 00078734 ISBN 0 580 09137 6

BS5395 : Part 2: 1984
Code of Practice for the design of helical and spiral stairs.

Covers materials, dimensions, fire protection, means of escape. Refers to BS5395:
Part 1 for dimensional co-ordination, safety measures, acoustics and lighting. Appendices cover geometry and load tests.

BS5395 : Part 3 : 1985
Code of Practice for the design of industrial type stairs, permanent ladders and walkways.

Covers factors affecting choice of means of access or escape, structural materials, dimensions, safety equipment, platform and walkway floor loads. Refers to BS5395: Parts 1 and 2 for general design of stairs and to BS6180 for general design of protective barriers.